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OJSC «Polotsk Milk Factory»

OJSC «Polotsk Milk Factory»

Company Mission


Unitary Production Enterprise “Polotsk Dairy Plant” is one of the largest dairies of the Vitebsk region, Belarus. The company has developed and registered its trademark “Molochnoe Razdolie”. Polotsk Dairy today is a developing country.

Company mission is to take care about nation health by providing with healthful foodstuff.

Thanks to high quality of the raw milk, constant control on each production stage starting from raw milk to manufactured products, strict observance of technological regimes, skillful personnel of Polotsk Dairy Plant, our company can offer a wide range of foodstuff that will satisfy the most refined taste. Special attention is paid on producing goods with medical and preventive features.

Our motto is “Quality today is our well-being tomorrow”.

Polotsk Dairy has a talented team of professionals with common goals. The enterprise has an atmosphere of mutual respect for state laws, colleagues, suppliers, customers, competitors. The stuff of Polotsk Dairy applies its knowledge and skills to keep the company’s image on a high level and to improve competitiveness of the products. The stuff’s activity is focused on achieving results.

Key aspect of survival in the competition is innovation that is why company management is seeking to implement all the advanced technologies and continuously improve company.

On our way to development and modernization of technological processes, our company has modern manufacturing plants, cold stores, reconstructed boiler house and compressor, vehicle fleet.

Our plans are:

-        focus on manufacturing the products corresponding to the demands of costumers;

-        constant study of customers’ demands;

-        to gain and to hold leading positions on dairy market;

-        to apply the technological processes which guarantee high quality of the manufactured goods;

-        constant improvement of quality management system;

-        training employees at all levels;

-        expanding and optimizing the product range, production development with priority on the introduction of advanced technological processes applying modern equipment;

-        increase in sales and

    Trade mark «Molochnoe Razdolie»  is a quality assurance. Manufacturing foodstuffs only from natural raw materials is pledge of successful work of the company!